Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling: From Cracks to Creative Creations

Kitchen Remodeling


Our Kitchen Remodeling Services Turn Kitchens From Good to Great

No one likes their kitchen. It’s stocked with outdated appliances, poor dishware, and overpriced cookware. Homeowners with kitchen remodeling needs find themselves frustrated with the traditional process. Building a kitchen is expensive and takes up a lot of time.


The One Floors understands that the kitchen is the heart of a home. To create a just-right kitchen, come to us for kitchen remodeling services with beautiful cabinets and stunning design, both aesthetically pleasing and functionally perfect for your needs. Don’t wait around for a remodel that never comes. We can help transform your kitchen into something you can be proud of – from start to finish. 


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Why Should You Consider Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchens have evolved from simply being a place to cook to the main living space in any home. A remodel can transform your kitchen from outdated to retro-chic and will provide you with a blank canvas for creating your dream pantry, cooking station, and more! People want to stay in their homes for as long as possible because their homes are often more of a traditional nuclear family’s primary home. The One Floors kitchen remodeling team is here to transform your kitchen — without breaking your budget. We offer quality and cheap kitchen remodeling services while delivering the highest customer service in Houston. Let The One Floors help you turn your kitchen into the epicenter of your home!


Houston's Most Trusted Kitchen Remodeling Company

Get the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Houston, Texas. The One Floors is a master at designing and remodeling kitchens around Houston, Texas. The One Floors will build you a kitchen you can be proud of, transforming your space into a haven for family and friends. We’ll treat you like family and provide the personalized attention you deserve. We offer free consultations to walk you through their process – what’s the point of remodeling your kitchen if you don’t know how it will turn out. The One Floors has been remodeling kitchens in Houston for years, so we know what it takes to make your dream kitchen come true.


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Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen cabinets are the first thing that people usually notice when they walk into your kitchen. As such, the cabinetry should be tasteful yet solid. Our kitchen remodeling experts are well versed in all kinds of cabinet installations such as refacing, refinishing and a complete revamp of the kitchen cabinets as well.

Countertops can brighten up the kitchen with different color installations in your favorite color(s). If you would like a modern kitchen with marble countertops and wood cabinets, or a more unique design with a ceramic tile countertop and decorative laminate veneer cabinets, we’ve got you covered.

The One Floors has all you need to bring your kitchen out of the past and give it a fresh, new design.

Sinks and Faucets

These are areas that should first be in functional and practical areas but they can also be stylish additions to your kitchen. We also have ideas for sinks and faucets that add a glimmer inside the kitchen and give it that sophisticated and fashion forward look.

When it comes to small installations like faucets, it is easy to assume that anything will fit just fine but for a uniform design our remodeling experts will advise you on the installations that go well with the kitchen plan you have in mind.

Our remodeling ideas cover all bases and there is something for every part of the kitchen including the garbage disposal. We can make your kitchen an exciting place to spend some quality time with your family and friends!

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

After the idea to remodel the kitchen comes the question of how much one is likely to spend upgrading the space. Given the many variations in kitchen designs and the installations that go with it the price can vary greatly. So it’s always best to have a budget that you intend to work with. The variance in price depends on how you want the kitchen to look and function.

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Low; $1,000 – $10,000

Even if the budget does not allow for much to be done a few additions and replacements here and there can bring a big difference to any kitchen. All it takes is a little creativity to get what you want and still keep it within the budget.

Average; $10,000 – $20,000

It is enough for a full kitchen remodel albeit with fewer fixtures installed. However, this range is ideal for a mid-sized kitchen and a lot can be done. The home owner takes care of the small projects themselves leaving the allotting a bigger portion of the budget to the professional part of the job.

High; $30,000 – $50,000

One of the biggest advantages of working with a large budget is that the kitchen remodel can be done in your exact specifications. From replacing the flooring to rearranging the layout and changing the appliances and fixtures the possibilities are endless.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We recently bought our home and hired The One Floors for a new Laminate floor installed. I was so impressed from start to finish. They really have done a great job. The installation was done on time and with perfection. My floors looks extravagant. The One Floors was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them!

Susan M.

In spite of several reschedules due to real estate closing delays, AND due to heavy rain, Hank Abbas was able to work in the project, got the demolition (removal of ALL flooring in a 1500 sq ft house) and installed leveling material and tile in 6 days. It was wood-look tile that is usually very expensive but the entire cost including materials and labor was about $5 per sq ft. Great work at a great price!

Marian C.

We hired The One Floors for our kitchen tile and countertop remodeling, I had a wonderful experience from start finish. Hank and his crew were always on time and very professional. I am very happy how the job turned out, it is exactly what I wanted. I’d highly recommend The One Floors to all my family and friends.

Maria Hernandez

Hank is a TOTAL professional. He arrived promptly at the agreed time. He’s truly innovative. Price outstanding. Could not have had a better experience. You cannot go wrong doing business with The One Floors, and especially Hank. Thanks, Hank!

Jennifer W.

Hank and the Team at The One Floors helped me out in a time crunch and did a great job. I manage an office building in the Montrose area where we sprang a leak and needed a rush order on carpeting. They catered to my rush order and installed the floors right on time. A job well done. I highly recommend The One Floors if you are in the greater Houston area.

Vinny C.

We recently bought our home and hired The One Floors for a new laminate floor installed. I was so impressed from start to finish. They really have done a great job. The installation was done on time and with perfection. My floors look extravagant. The One Floors was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend them!

Susan Moore

We got quotes from 3 different installers and The One Floors was 40% below the other quotes. They re-tiled the entire 1500 sq ft house in only 6 days, and the cost for labor and materials was a little less than $5 per sq foot. The project turned out great! They gave us a 1 year warranty on the installation. I would recommend The One Floors to anyone who needs a project done quickly and economically.

Marian Cones