Fireplace Remodeling

Transform Your Fireplace From Old and Outdated to New, Fresh and Amazing

Remodel and Create the Fireplace You've Always Wanted

Wish your fireplace looked like new again? Love to have a fireplace, but don’t have the budget to install one professionally? Remodeling a fireplace can be expensive and time-consuming. And it may not be a worthwhile investment if you already have an old, ugly fireplace that doesn’t meet your needs.


Regardless of your budget or location in Houston, we’ll make sure that you have access to the best fireplace remodeling services in Houston. The One Floors provides modern fireplace remodeling services for gas and electric fireplaces. We’ll quickly & easily tear out your old fireplace and replace it with a new one in less than a day. Talk to our experts now, and they will offer you highly skilled and modern fireplace remodel ideas that reflect your needs and specifications!

Why Should You Consider Fireplace Remodeling?

Fireplaces are beautiful pieces of furniture and can also be functional objects that provide warmth to the home. But, as years go by and lifestyles change, keeping that fireplace is not always possible. Many people are changing their living habits, which in many cases means getting rid of the fireplaces that have been used for years. Why should you be left with the same old thing when you can do something new? Fireplace remodeling is a great way to transform your house into an aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning space. It can be the perfect addition to a home with better days. If you’re looking to improve the aesthetic value of your home, get a return on investment for your remodeling, or are ready for a new look for the season, one of our fireplace remodeling services might be just what you’re looking for.


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Your Fireplace Remodel Contractors in Houston

The One Floors is a group of expert Houston fireplace remodel contractors dedicated to quality and excellence. Our company specializes in designing and installing quality gas fireplaces and hearths. The One Floors has years of industry experience and is the only few in Houston that provide a full-service fireplace remodel. With our modern fireplace remodel, you can change your fireplace without any headaches. Add to the style of your home’s interior while boosting its value. With a team of highly skilled professionals, The One Floors will create an environment that warms your heart, cools your home, and makes you feel at home.


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