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Laminate Tile Flooring - Better Than Your Standard, Simple Floor

Laminate is a low-maintenance, durable, and affordable option. It’s not just for kitchens and bathrooms – we have premium LAMINATE options available in every room of your home! Laminate flooring is not just durable, and it’s also easy to maintain. It’s easy to clean with a quick wipe or push the mop, and you can also use a vacuum cleaner or wet cloth to remove dirt and dust. You’ll spend less time mopping and scrubbing and more time living. We use a laminate material that’s durable, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. It’s built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and lasts throughout years of carefree living. At The One Floors, we specialize in high-impact laminate flooring that’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


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Why Should You Consider Laminate Tile Flooring?

Tiny budgets and a fierce need to save space have made renovating your home a necessity these days. Unfortunately, the only way to save on flooring is by installing laminate tile, not real wood. However, finding a good, affordable, quality laminate flooring installation is hard. The One Floors provides cheap, quality laminate flooring in Houston, Texas, that doesn’t chip or peel. The One Floors provides the best kitchen and bathroom laminate flooring installation, with no one else even coming close. You can also get your installation done fast and conveniently at The One Floors!


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Houston Laminate Flooring Installation Experts

The One Floors provides Houston’s only fully factory-certified, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient laminate flooring. We are one of the few companies in Houston with a 100% certified factory, promoting high-quality products while reducing your environmental footprint and costs. Our team of professionals will install a kitchen or bathroom floor made of high-quality laminate to reduce costs and enhance your home’s beauty. So why settle for a boring old peel and stick tile when you can have the best laminate flooring delivered to your doorstep?

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