Rigid Core Flooring

Rigid Core Flooring - Decades of Dominant Subflooring

Rigid Core Floor That Never Buckles

Every home needs a strong, durable floor that can withstand daily life’s rigors. Drywall, carpet, and wood flooring all come with hidden lines and creases that will give your home an outdated look. It’s detrimental to spend money on a labor-intensive project only to have it look stale in a few years. One Floors has the solution for you! You get the best of both worlds with our Rigid Core Flooring. It comes with a variety of options — from color to texture — so you can customize it specifically to your home’s needs. The One Floors provides quality products with the highest level of accuracy to satisfy your needs. We will help you find the perfect product for your project that is appropriate for your needs.


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Why Should You Consider Rigid Core Flooring?

Rigid Core Flooring is a high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly flooring that can make your life easier. Rigid core flooring has four layers, and it is the tightest, strongest, and most durable flooring in the industry. Save time and money with Rigid Core Flooring — this eco-friendly floor is easy to install and lasts for years. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Start enjoying the benefits of Rigid Core Flooring today — it’s made for quality, durability, and long-term satisfaction. If you’re looking to install rigid core flooring, The One Floors is a leading manufacturer of rigid core flooring. We provide homeowners with a new option for their tired and worn-out floors. Whether you plan to install rigid core flooring yourself or hire professional contractors to do it for you, we have the best products to suit your needs.


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Houston's Rigid Core Flooring Specialist

You’re here because you love a beautiful floor – one that can’t creak, buckle or warp. Now, imagine if you could do the same for your roof. Don’t have time to research and compare different types of flooring? The One Floors has something for everyone — from racing car floors to playroom floors — so your space can be completed in no time. The One Floors has Houston’s toughest and most durable roof decking products. Unlike other roof decking companies, The One Floors only focuses on one style of roof decking – rigid core. Thousands of buildings from Houston trust The One Floors when it comes to Rigid Core Flooring. 


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